The Fall Theme Was:
Liberty in Christ
Fall Conference.  It was on the liberty  believers have in Christ.  When we think
of liberty, we usually think of civil liberties.  Civil liberties have come to be the
chanting mantra of the Western world.  Its religion.  The idea is that we are
unhappy and feel oppressed.  Therefore if we name or claim or create a "right"
we will be freed from oppression we feel and be happy.  
The Spring Theme Was:

The Mystery of God's Word
We are all familiar with Prophecy Conferences, but Mystery Conferences are
practically unknown.  Prophecy conferences are popular and lucrative because they
appeal to our inherent desire to decipher the future.  That is man's priority.  But God
has a different priority.  Did you know that the Apostle Paul's great mission (and
therefore the great mission of God) was to
to make all men see what is the
fellowship of the MYSTERY, which from the beginning of the world hath been
hid in God!  

The term 'Mystery' is not a reference to something deep and dark or spooky and
mystical.  It is not something unknowable or difficult to discern.  The Greek word simply
means 'secret'.  God had a purpose and program that He kept a 'mystery' or secret
since the world began.  Then, at the appropriate time, He revealed it for all to see and
acknowledge.  It was for the revelation of the Mystery that God raised up the Apostle
Paul and gave him what Paul called
His Gospel and the preaching of Jesus Christ
according to the Revelation of the Mystery
(Rom. 16:25).  Why does God and Paul
make such a big deal about this now revealed secret?  Because the truth revealed in
the Mystery is what establishes, strengthens, and empowers believers today to
function as members of the Body of Christ in accord with God and His will.   

Is it any wonder that a famous Bible teacher, with tears in his eyes, recently said the
Church is impotent today.  And the main reason is for most of the Church, the Mystery
is still a mystery.  The plan God kept secret throughout history, then revealed in Paul's
day and is now operating in accord with, is for most of the Christians, still a secret, still
unknown.  Yet this is the very thing God wants them to know and the very thing that
will make it possible for them to walk in a way well-pleasing to Him.  

So this is our little step to change this.  Instead of holding a Prophecy conference,
emphasizing what God has done in the past or will do in the future with the nation
Israel (as important as that is), we held a Mystery conference, emphasizing what God
is doing
today with the Church, the Body of Christ.  

So instead of a Prophecy Conference, we had a Mystery Conference.  We did not
emphasize what God is going to do in the future with the nation Israel, but what He is
doing now with us.  Is there anything more important than this?  If you want to hear
more about the Mystery, click on the below links.
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